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# My Diary📖

09:10 20-06-2024

08:36 20-06-2024

18:56 19-06-2024

08:26 07-06-2024

08:19 05-06-2024

14:29 02-06-2024

08:50 02-06-2024

13:22 01-06-2024

12:22 01-06-2024

22:52 31-05-2024

18:52 31-05-2024

15:30 11-04-2024

# My Anecdotes✒️

Anecdote 2: The beginning of my blogging journey

Anecdote 1: Jealous scribbler - A journey through writing and life

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# Who is Arunkumar?🧑🏻‍💻


Hi, I am Arunkumar, a thinker, a writer, a blogger, a podcaster, a minimalist, a digital nomad, a book lover, a musician, a learner and an artist.

I enjoy coding, reading books and writing blogs, stories, and poetry. I also love listening to podcasts, driving, savoring good food, and spending quality time with my family. I live in Kochi, India, with my wife and parents.

You can check out my Status page, Uses tab, or my learning log: to know what I'm upto these days.

Professional Summary

I am a content project manager specializing in production and delivery of high-quality digital publications. My work spans a variety of areas including K-12 education, advanced and professional learning, English educational content, technical documents, technical books, articles, blogs, health awareness, research articles, and data-driven content. I am involved in every stage of the process, from editorial and production to the delivery of digital content.

I work on differnt authoring tools, CMS, EPUBs, dynamic pdfs, web-tools and other digital compponents.

I also write blogs and articles for a selected group of close clients, with the rest of my work published on my blog.

Educational Summary

I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.

Most of my education and knowledge is through reading newspaper, magazines and internet blogs, newsletters and articles. I also make use of podcast to understand various topics.

Get in touch with me via my email: art[dot]arunbhat[at]gmail[dot]com

What & Why

I've created this experimental space on the internet to prioritize simplicity and freedom from distractions like ads and analytics. Here, I can freely express my thoughts and ideas without interference from big companies. I believe a blog doesn't need to adhere to a particular niche; instead, I want to explore various topics that interest me, without being confined to a specific genre.

To ensure a pleasant reading experience, I've adopted a minimalist approach that reflects my values of simplicity and focus. By eliminating distractions, I aim to create a serene environment where you can fully engage with the content. This philosophy shapes both my personal life and the way I share my thoughts and ideas here.

Though my native language is Kokani, I love expressing myself freely on this blog in English.

I hope you enjoy your time here, exploring and reading!


1997: Born in August to wonderful parents.

2005: Got my first desktop. I started coding in LOGO and also learned to use MS Paint, my all-time favorite app.

2008: Started coding in HTML.

2009: Began writing digitally (not sure where those blogs are now—I was inconsistent and mostly forgot my email ID to log in to Blogger). Though I learned to code using HTML, I didn’t know how to host my pages. I used Dreamweaver to design HTML pages and showed them locally to friends and family who visited.

2011: Set up a full-fledged blog on WordPress.

2014: Stopped blogging after losing my username and password, and couldn’t recover them.

2015: Got my first laptop, a basic HP model, gifted by my dad.

2019: Graduated and landed my first job.

2020: Bought my HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop using my own savings. I use it for coding, writing, gaming, content production, and other activities.

2023: Married my beautiful and lovely wife in May.

2023: Restarted blogging in October.


Born and studied in Kochi, India.

Traveled to Kumamoto, Japan as a transfer student.

Lived and worked in Bangalore, India for a large part of my career.

I work remotely these days, allowing me to travel to different locations and work from there.


The blog uses an infinite scroll model with proper links to help you navigate seamlessly. The entire blog is a single HTML file, with no CSS (ofcourse there is basic inline CSS) or JavaScript, ensuring the focus remains purely on the content.

To make navigation easier, I've added bookmarks, which you can find at the top in the table of contents. This way, you can quickly jump to different sections of the blog. My writings are organized by date in descending order, so the most recent content is always at the top.

Feel free to click the links to move around the page easily and enjoy a streamlined reading experience without distractions.

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# Idea behind this blog💡

Creating a unique and special website using only HTML sounds like a fascinating experiment. I'm aiming for a minimalist, content-focused design with a single, long, infinite scroll-type page. I'll pour all my blog ideas into one extensive index.html file. By skipping external CSS and JavaScript, I'll embrace a simple approach, relying solely on HTML. This project will challenge me to use basic HTML tags creatively to organize and present my content in an engaging and readable way, without the usual enhancements of modern web development tools. The end result will be a pure, streamlined blog that stands out for its simplicity and focus on substance over style.

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# Uses🪴


Personal Laptop: HP Pavillion Gaming Laptop

Professional Laptop: Dell Latitude

Headphone: Fingers Superstar H6


Operating System: Windows 11

Browser: Duck Duck go

Mail Management: Outlook and Thunderbird

Code Editor: Brackets

Graphics drawing:, MS Paint & Canva

Graphics Editing: Photoscape X Pro

RSS reader: Feeder

Note taking: Notepad

Music & Podcast player: YouTube Music

Recordings using: OBS

Grammar check: Grammarly & Hemmingway editor

Hosting: Neocities

Task Manager: SmartSheets, Microsoft To-Do and Notepad


Mobile: Oppo A54

Mobile OS: Android 11

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# Poems and Haiku📚

Lost chance → Poetry

not at once, she looked at me.
not at once, she talked to me.
nor did she ever hear me,
‘cause I never initiated.

Exam Day → Poetry

the clock was set to alarm,
in the morning,
on the day of my exam,
to know if the clock alarmed.

The worry cloud → Poetry

it’s inevitable, that
a sad mind will attract
a negative cloud of
thoughts to itself.

The green worm's shadow → Long Poetry

I saw an arrogant green worm,
Penancing over a pile of green books,
That my paid tutors recommended
For my self-development.

My dream was never to play
Or to work with large machines
Even small ones, but to play
Or to work with normal paint.

Destiny took me off for a roller-coaster ride
That turned at high speeds,
And twisted my mind, to adjust
And to adjust more.

I remember a shadow that followed me
Not my regular fellow passenger,
But a new unknown, with skepticism
It followed me and tried to convince me.

The shadow was a friend
Not of mine,
But to the same old green arrogant worm
That ate my mind this time.

Last breath → Haiku

fishes cry,
when eyes get dry,
on last breath.

The bath → Haiku

baby crow baths,
cold water poured and splashed,
constant change.

Constant movement → Haiku

apple fell from tree,
wind blew harder to pluck one,

Gossip → Haiku

the darkness,
spoke lightly behind,
the lights.

The bath → Haiku

baby crow baths,
cold water poured and splashed,
constant change.

The red rose → Haiku

sharp thorn on the rose
pierced deep, in the skin; red color spreads
breaks the thorn.

The snake on the cactus → Haiku

cactus garden's charm,
next door, a house with snakes lurk,
nature's peace, man's fear.

The sun or the rain → Haiku

pale green leaves,
prayed for the sun;
roots for rain.

Way to pilgrimage → Haiku

cold dreams arise,
down that road he walks;
before pilgrimage.

Salt water lake → Haiku

long freshwater lake;
a pinch of salt in,
remains untouched.

Spill over the black → Haiku

sliced sunlight spills,
black clouds gather, obscure day,
red marks fade away.

Self belief → Haiku

old man's reflection,
awakens youth in the glass;
trapped forever.

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# My cool skills, hobbies, interests etc🙎🏻

The list is never completed and may change over the course of time. There may be things that I used to be god at and I no longer practise them. So obviously they are out of the field of display. I alway consider myself as a newbie to any skill I have as I believe that world is growing rapidly and I have so much to learn.

Why this list?

You may think that this list is to show off myself: that I capable of doing these. Yes ofcourse! Its a show off to the world😁 that I can do these things. Why should I restrict by now telling my readers what I do. The major reason for this blog is to connect and socialize with my readers and build a close community with like minded people. I may find people having similar skills. I may find mentors who can help me to enrich my skills. I may even find someone who is interested to learn from me.

IT Skills

Programming Skills
Software Skills

Art Skills

Digital Art
Musical Instruments
Writing Skills
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